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Who is Little Frog’s Mama?

Yeah, I know, it’s a strange name.  While pregnant with my youngest, we used to laugh at how the baby would kick and wiggle against his dad’s back as we snuggled together, trying to catch a few more winks before getting up to start the workday.  ‘Our little frog’ was what we called the baby, not knowing whether this was a boy or girl.  After he was born, we noticed that he still had that tendency to kick and wiggle, and so his nickname stuck.  Even now (he’s 14 months old) it’s still his nickname, which makes me Little Frog’s Mama. 🙂  What about me, though?  Aside from Little Frog’s Mama, you may be wondering who I am…

I am Laura.  I’m an earthy-crunchy, unschooling, attachment parenting, babywearing, extended exclusive breastfeeding, eventual small business owning, pagan, married, stay at home mama to two boys – a teen and a toddler.  That’s a lot of commas, and some of it might be unfamiliar to you.  Rest assured, if you keep reading my blog, you’ll learn plenty about this stuff… probably more than you’ve ever wanted to know.  Other things to know about me: I love scrapbooking, and card-making, and paper arts.  I love baking, and chocolate chip cookies are one of my favorite things to bake (and one of the favorites of the people eating them).  I’m learning to knit, love counted cross-stitch (something I haven’t had a whole lot of time for lately), and want to start using natural plant-based dye materials more often.

I mentioned my husband, who shall be known from here on as The Hubby.  This wonderful man works long hours – with few complaints – so that I may be home with the boys.  He’s a decent cook, a great dad, a Lego maniac (still), and willing to go along with whatever earthy-crunchiness I present him with – as long as there’s decent reasoning and research behind what I’m talking about.  He gets down on the floor and plays with his youngest one, and is there to talk with (and play with) his oldest one.  He takes care of me, nurtures me, listens to me, and loves me deeply.  What more could anyone ask for in a spouse?

The Bro and Little Frog

Bro and Little Frog

The oldest, who will be known as Bro, is my son from my first marriage.  His Dad and I realized after 15 years of marriage (and 10 years in the military) that we didn’t have much in common anymore, so it was time to go our separate ways… which we did amicably.  We still get along really well, and when he calls, I talk to him as much as Bro does.  Bro is as much a Lego maniac as The Hubby is, and the two of them have joined a group that allows them to get in on local builds and displays, which is fun.  Bro is going through that teen stage where life is offering infinite possibilities for jobs, and many of them sound interesting, but which one sounds interesting enough to actually pursue?  He loves his little brother incredibly, and was so proud when Little Frog was born – which was good, cuz The Hubby and I were too tired to be proud 😀  He’s learned a lot about life since Little Frog was born, and he’s become a much more tender-hearted person because of it.

Lastly, there’s Little Frog, as my youngest shall be known.  He’s a bundle of temperament, personality, strength, and energy, all rolled up into a stocky little red-headed, blue-eyed body.  He loves exploring everything around him – with his fingers, his eyes, his tongue (he’s forever licking things – me, the refrigerator door, the bookshelves, you get the idea).  The endless curiosity is sometimes amazing, sometimes wearying… especially when we’ve had to redirect his interest in the trashcan for the umpteenth time.

There are many others who affect our lives, our story, our journey, but this is the main cast of characters. 🙂

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