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Yesterday was EcoSabbath… – Day 8 of No Impact Week

January 10, 2011

and we did observe it… mostly. I logged on last night to record Day 7, since I hadn’t had the chance to do it on Saturday. It was snowing and cold yesterday, so a pot of coffee got made (and then unplugged immediately upon finishing brewing) and then I set hot cocoa to simmering on the stove on the lowest possible temperature. My two boys and I sat around the dining room table talking and reading books, drinking cocoa, and listening to Mussorsky’s Pictures from an Exhibition and Ravel’s Bolero (the teen-ager chose the music), and watching the snow fall. Then it was time to go out in it. Little Frog wanted to try out his brand-new (from the thrift store) snowboots and winter coat (also from the thrift store) that he got for the holidays. We tromped in the yard, stomping and kicking the snow, letting the snowflakes collect on our shoulders and head, revelling in the second snowfall of Winter. As the chill set in, we headed back in, had a little more cocoa and then it was naptime for the littlest, and my teen-ager headed out to shovel our driveway and sidewalk, and to see if my heart-sister needed her driveway shoveled.

The snow let up later, letting my Hubby get home from work in relative safety. At this point, we had only the flourescent light in kitchen on, and then the lights and computers downstairs. Dinner was a re-warmed affair, using as little energy as we could. Leftover chili over sausages, with pickles and sliced pears on the side. Something that was quick and easy to make, especially nice since I had a migraine coming on (weather-induced headaches are a wonder in a state where the weather is in a perpetual state of flux). I wrote my blog last night while I could still think well enough to do so, and then was done. The Hubby took Little Frog into the Lego room to play – CFL’s for lights in that part of the basement, and the teen-ager watched some tv.

It was such a peaceful day, I just might see if we can do it more often. Just one day a month, and maybe as a compromise at first – only part of a day… power down as much as we can. From that start, maybe we can make it once every couple of weeks, or even once a week. It’ll be easier in Summer, when we can leave the stove off for a good majority of our meals. It was fun to see what we could accomplish on a cold, snowy day in Winter.

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