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Giving back – Day 7 of No Impact Week

January 9, 2011

I was pretty stumped when it came to this one. I wasn’t sure where to look, or what I could do. On top of it all, I have a two yr old that I’d be taking with me (or seeing if I can con our teen-ager into staying with his little brother), and right now, we have only one vehicle. Taking a potentially tired and cranky toddler on the bus after my volunteer time is done is a thing I don’t want to subject the other passengers to. I could wait until one of my husband’s days off – and do a few hours of volunteering then, but it does give us less time to things together as a family (and less time to get other things done).

Then it occured to me that one of the big ways I could give back would be by becoming a local contact/volunteer for the group that’s helped us with our food sensitivity/allergy issues. So I sent them an email letting them know that I’d like to volunteer – to be a ear to listen and a guide for those just starting out, to drop off pamphlets at the libraries so that people can find about us, or to help research food companies to add to the foodguide that we use. I’ve received so much advice and friendly how-tos that it seemed like it was time to give back. Though it’s not a local group, it is a non-profit group staffed mostly by volunteers. I can’t help at most of their local stuff (they’re East Coast based), but I can do stuff for them here in Colorado.

That’s great, but what about local stuff? Where do I go to find out what needs doing, and is any of it potentially stuff that I can do? So I went to city’s community center website. There, I found a section for Getting Involved and from there Volunteering. Hooray! There’s a myriad of things that can be done, so I’m going to look through them, see which ones really spark my interest and find out if any of them will allow me to bring my toddler along. I’d love to be able to get both of my kids involved, since being involved as a child will promote the continued involvement as an adult. In order to facilitate that, I’ll need to sit down with my oldest, and see what he’d like to do. It’s important, it connects us – not just us the family, but us the community – and it serves to remind us why all this is so important.

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