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Little Frog loves Legos!

August 17, 2010

I live in a house of Legomaniacs! The Hubby and Bro have been lego fans since they were young, and have never stopped building. They’ve joined a fan group here in Colorado, and have participated in a couple of  public builds done at the Lego Store in the Colorado Mills Outlet mall (they helped build an 8′ tall R2-D2 and an equally tall Buzz Lightyear) and a couple of big fan displays also at Colorado Mills. One portion of our basement is set aside as the Lego building area, with a huge re-organizing underway, as they try to find a way to sort, contain, and organize the very sizable brick collection into something that’s easy to use and put away. I, while not a fanatic builder the way they are, can appreciate the total free-playability (not a word, I know 😉 ) of these brightly colored plastic pieces, and have even built a few things over the years. I have always been aware of the inevitability of Little Frog’s exposure to the wonderful world of Lego – whether boy or girl – but didn’t know whether Little Frog would embrace Lego the way his dad and brother have.

He was fascinated by the sounds and colors of Lego, so we broke out Bro’s old Duplo set (we’ve kept it all these years so that visiting friends’ young children have something fun to play with) when Little Frog was about 6mos old. He played with them, mostly banging them together, and seemed to enjoy them. When he was almost a year old, the Legos were broken out in anticipation of a build, and Little Frog was completely enthralled. The Hubby put together a bin filled with bigger pieces, and sat on the floor with Little Frog – it was love at the first clinky noise! With that in mind, we bought him a Duplo set with farm animals, people, a tractor, and a few building pieces for his birthday last year, and he loved the animals, the people, and the tractor, but the blocks were met with less enthusiasm. Pretty much ignored actually, except as neat things to throw on the floor and listen to the noise they make when they hit each other. Then another Lego build loomed up, and Little Frog simply couldn’t get enough of the studded pieces that The Hubby and Bro were messing with. He occasionally would try to put pieces in his mouth, but since there was no unsupervised play with Lego, we caught him whenever he tried it. He started putting things together, displaying amazing determination and dexterity with the smaller (than Duplo) pieces. The first thing he put together was a cell phone – mind you it was simply four same-sized bricks stacked on top of each other – and then he walked around the room “talking” on it. Then he put together a “gun”, and ran around going “Puh Puh Puh”, mimicking the sound of one of Bro’s nerf guns.

His latest obsession is the “Yego Room” (he has trouble saying “L”). It’s the first thing he asks about when he wakes up… well, almost. When he wakes up in the morning, boobie is still the first thing he wants. Waking up from naps, though – or anytime he’s not occupied doing something else –  and the first thing he wants is to be granted entrance to the Lego Room. It’s taken on an importance in his life previously only occupied by cereal and orange juice with Dad on the weekends. I’ve declared it to be an off-limits area for Mama for a couple of reasons – 1) it gives him a way to connect (pardon the pun) with The Hubby and Bro, a bonding that will create life-long memories, and 2) if I took him in there, I would get absolutely nothing else done during the day since he will spend literally hours in there playing. He has some Lego that he can play with when The Hubby or Bro aren’t home, or are otherwise busy… but it’s just not the same thing.

I know there are some who will have issues with the fact that I’m letting a young child, who is not even 2 years old yet (that happens later this month) play with small toys, some of which are small enough to present a choking hazard. Yes, they are small toys, but he doesn’t have unsupervised time with them, at least not yet. We know he’s not above putting pieces in his mouth, so we watch him whenever he has Legos around. However, I’m also not willing to stop him from exploring a world that is so very much a part of both his dad’s and brother’s lives.

I do wonder how long this love of Lego will last. For The Hubby, who got his first set for his 5th birthday, it’s lasted 31 years so far. Bro got his first actual Lego (as opposed to Duplo) set when he was 4 years old – almost 13 years ago now. Little Frog has gotten a much earlier start on his absorption with the small plastic blocks from Denmark… will it last a lifetime?

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  1. August 17, 2010 11:28 pm

    I think as long as you supervise, it is an excellent way to spend with your little one. We’ve got a bigger set of cheap legos for our little one who is 20 months, and she loves building with it!
    I am definitely going to invest into the real sets when she is bigger!

    • August 18, 2010 8:21 am

      Yeah, he’s absolutely head over heels in his thorough enjoyment of them. The Hubby is talking about setting up a smaller table for Legos that Little Frog can easily sit at so he has a building space like the two big guys have.

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