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Life… in a nutshell

December 9, 2009

So the incredibly cold weather we’ve been having lately, and the snow that it brought with it, slammed me with migraines in the last couple of weeks.  Living with weather-induced migraines in a state like Colorado (which I swear is Mother Nature’s weather testing grounds) is no easy life, and when you add an exclusively breastfed toddler to that compound, the result is a volatile mixture just waiting to erupt under pressure.  Fortunately, Bro is willing to chip in and help out – if I ask.  Of course, the one thing he can’t do is lactate (been trying to convince him and The Hubby that they really need to try – just for reasons like this… okay, and the incredible amount of humor that I see in it), so it means when Little Frog is hungry, cranky, hurt, or any other number of reasons for nursing, the migraine takes a back seat to him.  All of this means that my blog, which was sparse to begin with, is even sparser, so to those few who are following, I apologize for the lack of content.  Winter is a sketchy time for my brain, so we’ll see what happens.

On the plus side, the cold weather does have an up side.  When it evens out (which means as little as snowing for a couple of days straight – no changes means no headache), and the headace goes away, I can do things inside that I keep meaning to do. So right now, I’m working on soft, unbreakable ornaments for the tree – things that Little Frog can grab and pull on (since I have no clue how to keep a toddler from being irresistably attracted to the holiday tree), working on paper ornaments for more grown-up areas of the tree – ours and our close friends, and figuring out the list of holiday baking to be done.  Also, I have gift cards to mail off to my nieces for the holiday, and to figure out what to get both the Bro and my oldest niece – both of whom decided that being born right around the Winter Solstice (not kidding – they sandwich it) was the way to keep their families on their toes – for their birthdays.  They turn 16 this year! 😮  I’m not sure what to think of that, but it seems like an amazing feat that they’ve both made it this far into their teens without loss of life – they’ve both pushed my sister and me (and our respective spouses) to our absolute limits. The fact that they – and we – have lived to see this birthday is sometimes a testament to sheer will power… and the desire to not have to stand trial. LOL  Seriously, they’re great, amazing kids, but the teens years can be trying.  So much so, that we’ve decided that Little Frog is not getting to be a teen-ager.  We’ll mark birthdays til he celebrates the 12th one, and then it’s anniversaries of his 12th birthday til we get to his 20th year, then we’ll mark them properly again. 😀 Think it’ll work?

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  1. irishclover7 permalink
    December 9, 2009 6:58 am

    Lol, I see how you feel about the “living to their 16th birthday” thing. Im 16, and I’ve made it somehow. But I look around at kids these days and just think, “Gosh, they really do that? Their parents allow this to go on? Dont they know the difference between right and wrong?”
    And Im just ashamed that they dont know the difference between right and wrong.
    I believe that it is a parents job to inform kids that drugs, alcohol and sex are NOT to be allowed, and they definitely should not even be thought about as a teen. Its too young of an age for that, and its deff. wrong to take drugs or drink regardless of age. Although as an adult a glass or two here and there isnt a problem. (But as a parent, if you do drink, its better to drink AWAY from the children, so that you’re not teaching them the wrong things).
    When I hear from students at my school that they’ve done any of those three, and tend to automatically blame the parents. Because, they should be questioning their children, teaching them what not to do, going through their stuff if need be, grounding them, or whatever needs to be done to prevent that from happening. And I also believe that if its done in the home, the children will learn it too, and do it somewhere else.
    But I dont always blame the parents, because its common sense to do the right thing, and as a teen, you are old enough to make choices for yourself and realize the affects certain things will have on you. You shouldnt have someone holding your hand telling you what to do.
    So yes, I can see your surprise when a teen actually makes it to another year without something happening to them. Its a miracle, in itself. 🙂

    • December 9, 2009 3:28 pm

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 I think in my case, it’s not so much him drinking or doing drugs – he’s unschooled, so his friends and influences are not the usual circle of peers, and the pressures that go along with it. In our case, the “living to his next birthday” has more to do with attitude and him being a complete and total stereotypical teen-ager most days. 🙂

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