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41?!? So soon?

November 21, 2009

So a tradition we started in our family a few years ago is the Fortnight Celebration.  For those who might not know, a fortnight is 14 days, or two weeks.  What we have realized is that sometimes, the important events in our lives (anniversaries, birthdays, major holidays) don’t fall on days that make it easy to actually celebrate on that specific day.  For instance, my birthday is right around Thanksgiving – actually on Thanksgiving this year – so because of that, getting together on the date itself doesn’t happen very often.  It’s usually more of a “Happy Thanksgiving!, and since we’re all here today, we’re going to acknowledge L’s birthday” celebration.  Also, if the occasion falls in the middle of the work week, that can add stress to what is supposed to be a happy thing.  So, we instituted the Fortnight Celebration.  Any time during the week leading up to the day of the event, and any time during the week after the event is okay for celebrating. If we’re not doing anything specific on the proper date, we always make sure to acknowledge it by a card or something.  It’s fantastic, because it actually feels like an event when you celebrate off and on for two weeks! 🙂 

😮 Which means we’re in my birthday Fortnight, already!  Friday night, The Hubby brought home some pretty purple carnations, as a way of starting off the celebration, and it made me realize I’ve got some work to do around the house this week.  You see, as part of my birthday this year, I asked for something I rarely ever get.  I asked for my birthday to be more important than Thanksgiving – I don’t want to celebrate Thanksgiving-with-a-side-of-Laura’s-birthday.  I want this day to be about me, for once.  It took some doing, mostly because he has family in this state, and there was the worry of will there be upset and hurt feelings if we don’t do Turkey Day on Thursday.  Since we made plans for this about the middle of last month, there weren’t any concrete plans for Thanksgiving yet.  Everyone seems to be okay with this, except for the fact that (as we found out last week) due to schedules and things, there’s not a good time to get together any other day.  So the rest of the family will be celebrating Thanksgiving, while we and our so-close-they-might-as-well-be family friends will be celebrating my birthday.

No turkey at this get together, we’re going to celebrate with a mix of foods.  I’m doing enchiladas, rice, and beans. My heart sister and her man will be doing Vietnamese spring rolls, and sushi.  The Hubby’s college buddy and his wife will be bringing egg drop soup and sesame chicken. One of my other good friends is bringing cinnamon chocolate mousse. Rounding this up is my doula friend, and possibly her husband if he doesn’t have to work that day, bringing something as yet undetermined.  Somewhere in all of this, The Hubby and Bro have mentioned doing a cake – 😉 we’ll see if it happens this year.  So we’re looking at possibly 11 people in my smallish front/dining room and kitchen.  Since my heart sister and the college buddy both live close – within easy walking distance – their food will be prepped at their houses and brought over.  Hopefully the cake will be done beforehand, since I’ll need the oven for the enchiladas, but that’s about the only possible kitchen conflict.  The biggest issue will be moving stuff around so that there’s room for everyone to not feel crowded.  The basement is useable as well, and it may be a secondary place for splitting into a smaller group.  We’re planning on nibbling throughout the day, so no real serious need for seating, but the table can accomodate all of us, if we’re willing to snuggle in.

I’m looking forward to this.  Thanksgiving is usually very stressful, trying to make sure that everyone has what they’re going to need for the whole day (the day very often starts with breakfast or brunch and goes from there), and getting out the door, in the car, and to our destination in time to eat breakfast while it’s warm.  To top it off, Bro has never liked the traditional Thanksgiving foods – ever – and so he’s usually pretty hungry by the end of the day, because the foods he does like – dark meat turkey and potatoes – are the things that go the fastest.  He’s never liked stuffing, or yams, or cranberry sauce or relish, or gravy, or green bean casserole (and I don’t either).  I’ve had him try them, every year, but I figure he’s almost 16 now… if he hasn’t acquired a taste for these foods, he probably isn’t going to anytime soon.  So this year, no turkey dinner, no stress, no trying to figure out what foods to take for Bro (he follows the Feingold Program, so we have food issues to worry about) to snack on.

The only part that’s blowing my mind… how’d my 41st birthday get here so damned fast? I don’t feel 41, probably because I’ve not been 41 yet, so don’t know how it feels; but in my mind, I’d always thought of it as feeling older.  I don’t think I look 41, but I’m probably not an impartial judge.  I’m not as energetic as I used to be, but I’m blaming that on Little Frog… he’s very active 😉 and it takes a lot to keep up with him. I can’t be 41 yet… my oldest is still a teen and I have a 15 month old (he will be 15 mos exactly on my birthday 🙂 ).  I have a marriage that’s only 2 years old.  *sigh* Yeah, I know, I’m 41.  It’s not a bad thing at all, just surprising.

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  1. November 23, 2009 9:32 am

    Happy Birthday! You don’t look AT ALL like you are 41! Besides, I think the new saying is “40 is the new 30.” I also just overheard some women saying that in your 40’s you become really wise. Actually made me sorta want to be 40…

    • November 24, 2009 7:13 pm

      Well, thanks! 🙂 I’m not so sure about “wise”, but I certainly think I’ve become more mellow and easy-going. The silly little things that kids do don’t seem quite as important, or frustrating… mostly. 😀

      I’ve been noticing a trend lately, as well. 30-somethings married to 40-somethings. In my circle of friends, out of 4 couples (me and hubby included), 3 of the couples are that combination. The other couple is two 30-somethings. Interesting trend. 🙂

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