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One of the many reasons I love The Hubby…

November 12, 2009

So a couple weeks ago, something happened that reminded me why I fell in love with this man.  When we first met (online – which is another story all together), we had long talks about various and sundry things, and I realized that I was way more earthy-crunchy than he was aware.  As time passed, and we moved from online chat to phone calls, more of this came out, and this opened up new avenues of discussion. 

Fast forward to just before I got pregnant with Little Frog, and we had discussions about why I couldn’t give birth in a hospital.  I had him read the chapter on childbirth in Christiane Northrup’s book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, and it began to make more sense for him.  So we talked more, this time in depth, about the birth of Bro, and he understood.  Throughout the pregnancy with Little Frog, as I read mothering magazine and other mags and websites that were pertinent, and read to him and Bro various articles about all different topics, they were both soaking up all this information. 

I hadn’t realized how much until the aforementioned incident.  The Hubby’s younger sister had called, and because of a twist in the course of the conversation comments regarding bed-sharing (“he’s old enough to be sleeping on his own” which Hubby met with “wakes occasionally to nurse at night”), sleeping through the night (“he’s old enough, he should be sleeping through the night, shouldn’t be waking to nurse” to which Hubby responded “breastmilk digests faster than formula or solids, so of course he’s still waking”), and breastfeeding (“he’s old enough, he should be eating solids” which really got things rolling with Hubby) brought forth a whole long discussion of breastfeeding, and the stats and recommendations, and the fact that we are happy with the way things are going, Little Frog is healthy and happy and totally not in danger of starving, and that yes, he does taste things, but that’s all he does is taste them… once he’s gotten the flavor, he spits it out and wants a new piece of something else to taste.

I had been out with my friends, and heard about the conversation after I got back home.  What I thought was incredibly fantastic was that he did all of this without any prompting by me – you know the “tell her x information” “oh, and don’t forget this info” kind of stuff that goes on when someone’s on the phone, but you have things you want to pass on.  All that stuff I’d been reading and sharing had been absorbed and retained, instead of being heard and dismissed as I was afraid might be the case.  Hooray for Hubby! 

I was so happy that conversation happened, since later that week, we were going to dinner at her house.  Since all of this had been discussed beforehand, there were no sideways glances or comments about the fact that I was still nursing.  Hopefully all this sunk in, and there will be no more questions about our family’s arrangements.  However, if there are, at least I know that The Hubby will be there to support me when I respond… as a matter-of-fact, he might even respond before I do.

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